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Terms and conditions

1. Service regulations
These general terms govern the relations between Verona.com S.a.s., provider of the online purchase service (hereinafter referred to as SYSTEM), and the user of this service (hereinafter referred to as USER). The User who uses the System is required to comply with all the general terms included in these regulations.

2. Object of the service
Verona.com, through its own internet portal ticket.travelitalia.com, offers the online sales service to organizers of musical, sports, theatre, cultural and entertainment events in general.

3. Purchase of the ticket
To purchase tickets the User must carry out the online procedure which lets him:

  • Select the event
  • Select the seating sector and number of tickets
  • Select the delivery procedure, payment method or input his own identification data
  • Accept the informative note on personal data processing, service regulations and sales terms.
  • Perform payment

The charge for every purchase comprises the cost of the entry ticket plus an operating cost for the service and the cost for delivery of the tickets to the user’s domicile. Costs include V A T. Upon receipt of payment a System operator will:

  • Assign seats, selecting the best available seats
  • Print the tickets
  • Confirm the purchase
  • Deliver the tickets

The System does not permit knowing whether the online purchase procedure was done by Users less than 18 years in age.

4. Confirmation of the purchase
The purchase is confirmed only after receipt of payment. The user is sent an e-mail confirming the purchase, and specifying the assigned seats and the delivery procedure, within 5 working days after receipt of payment. If the User, during logging in, inputs an erroneous, invalid or unavailable email address the System will not be able to send the confirmation email. In this case the User can call the phone number +390458035715 to notify a new e-mail address.

5. Payment method
The System permits payment by "Visa" and "Mastercard" credit cards or by bank transfer.

6. Transaction security
To ensure the utmost security all System online transactions are made through the Pagonline Secure Server that adopts an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection protocol where all data that is exchanged is encrypted. Transactions by Pagonline Credit Card are absolutely secure because only Pagonline learns about the Credit Card codes. After the User has performed payment through Pagonline, the System receives from Pagonline only notice that the transaction has come to a successful conclusion.

7. Delivery
Delivery of tickets is done by TNT Global Express courier or, if available, by pickup at our Verona offices as the User desires. The System performs delivery services, on request, but is not liable for any loss, delay, failure to deliver and therefore is not required to refund the value of the purchase should any of these events take place. Delivery by courier company does not call for the insurance service.

8. Cancellation of an event by the Organizer
If an event is cancelled or postponed by the Organizer it is the Organizer himself who refunds the face price of the ticket according to his own procedures and times. These may vary from event to event and Organizer to Organizer. Handling and delivery fees shall not be refunded.

9. Cancellation of the purchase
The System, because it provides a resale service, is not authorized to cancel or modify the tickets that were purchased. The System is not authorized to cancel the tickets nor is it authorized to change dates, sectors or carry out any other modification.

10. Withdrawal right
The exercise of WITHDRAWAL RIGHT is NOT envisaged for this type of purchase as set out by the Organizer's regulations and by European rules on electronic and remote commerce (standards 97/7 acknowledged by Legislative decree dated May 14th, 1999). Anyone who uses this service is prevented, in accordance with articles 1173 and following of the Civil Code, from rejecting online payment once it has be made. Should this on the contrary take place then the System shall be constrained, in accordance with articles 1218 and following of the Civil Code, to take legal steps with all their consequent expenses to be charged to the User.

11. Limited liability and guarantees
Updating of the list of events is subject to changes irrespective of the will of the System which merely carries out periodic monitoring of information updates. The System is not liable for the Organization of individual events and for any inconveniences or troubles caused to the User for facts ascribed to the Organization. The System is not liable for the content of and for updating of the information contained in the Organizers' sites or in any other form of printed communication. The System is not liable for direct or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever that were sustained related to the services it provides. The System also reserves the right to withdraw, modify, suspend or interrupt any function or service for technical/organizational reasons. It is impossible to give a guarantee for the "ticket”.

The system may provide links to third-party sites. In this case the system is not party to the commercial transactions that take place between end users and the providers of services offered by these sites. The information, opinions, judgments, recommendations, descriptions of products and services accessible through these sites come exclusively from third parties and from the other providers specified. The link between the System and these sites does not entail approval of the material they contain by the System nor any association with the relevant site operators. Therefore the System does not provide any guarantee regarding the completeness and correctness of the information accessible through these links and does not assume any liability and/or obligation for any deficiencies, errors, omissions in the information or any non-compliance with privacy provisions or for any damage to property and/or persons arising from use of this information or of any other material present in these sites and in the services purchased through them.

12. Profiling
Profiling is understood to be the process used to monitor the commercial attitudes of the Users who use the System. The User takes note that the System may adopt profiling systems to calculate and analyze the volume of bookings performed through the System by geographic area or by other aspects.

13. Claims
Comments or claims related to the online purchase service may be submitted by sending an e-mail to [email protected] User comments are always appreciated because they represent a moment of feedback and help us offer services that are increasingly suitable for the needs of our Users.

14. Court of jurisdiction
The court of jurisdiction over any disputes concerning online purchases made using the System is the Court of Verona.

Print / Last update: 28/06/2011