Osterie Verona

Osterie Verona

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Osteria Casavino, Verona

Vicolo Morette, 8/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria le Vecete, Verona

Via Pellicciai, 32/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria Verona antica, Verona

Via Sottoriva, 10/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria Vecia Veroneta, Verona

Via Interrato dell'acqua morta, 30
37129 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria Alcova del Frate, Verona

Via Ponte Pietra ,19/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria La Coopera 1945, Arbizzano di Valpolicella

Arbizzano di Valpolicella, 7.5Km da Verona
Via Stella, 40
37020 Arbizzano di Valpolicella VR - Italy

Osteria "Da Federico e Susy", Isola Rizza

Isola Rizza, 23.0Km da Verona
Via Salvo D'Acquisto (ex via Ghetto) , 20
37050 Isola Rizza VR - Italy

Osteria degli Spiriti, Costermano

Costermano, 24.1Km da Verona
Via A. Consolini, 80
37010 Costermano VR - Italy

Osteria "Caffe' Amaro", Garda

Garda, 26.6Km da Verona
Piazzale Roma, 2
37016 Garda VR - Italy

Osteria del 4, Torri del Benaco

Torri del Benaco, 30.6Km da Verona
Lungolago Vittorio Veneto 4
37010 Torri del Benaco VR - Italy

Osteria del 4 is located at number 4 of Lungolago Vittorio Veneto, in the heart of Torri del Benaco’s historical centre, near Verona. The restaurant, surrounded by windows, allows our guests to enjoy the magical view on Garda Lake during all year long. During Summer season it is possible to dine outside on the waterfront. The management of Osteria del 4 is assigned to a young team that, in the tradition of welcome and hospitality, proposes to make it a comfortable place with quality food related to the territory. That’s why each dish is homemade, prepared with fresh seasonal food and the prices are affordable. This small osteria is the ideal place to spend an evening with your partner or f...