Guida Ristoranti Garda

Guida Ristoranti Garda

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Ristorante al Capitel, Villafranca di Verona

Villafranca di Verona, 25.9Km da Garda
Via Capitello 19
37069 Villafranca di Verona VR - Italy

The Restaurant 'Capitel' was born from Rinaldo and Maria Canteri’s love for cooking. Since 1967, it has been offering its clients, in a simple and friendly environment, the local dishes of the Veronese tradition. In the years the Restaurant, located between Villafranca and Verona, has combined its own experience with love for the “cooking of festivities” of the old days, obtaining a great success, which has remarkably increased during the years. The menu offers as first course a noddle soup with chicken livers, bigoli (kind of pasta) or fettuccine with meat sauce, tortellini with a melted butter and salvia sauce and different risottos. Rinaldo’s ability in cutting the excellent meat makes t...

Ristorante Giapponese asiatico "Wok Sushi", Verona

Verona, 26.0Km da Garda
Via Michelangelo, 39
37138 Verona VR - Italy

Pizzeria Araldo - L'Arte del Gusto, Bosco Chiesanuova

Bosco Chiesanuova, 26.1Km da Garda
contrada Carcereri 22
37021 Bosco Chiesanuova VR - Italy

Ristorante Antares, Villafranca di Verona

Villafranca di Verona, 26.1Km da Garda
Viale Postumia, 88
37069 Villafranca di Verona VR - Italy

Very large restaurant, informal...

Ristorante Gastronomia "Dal Maso", Verona

Verona, 26.2Km da Garda
Via 4 Novembre, 13
37126 Verona VR - Italy

Restaurant gastronomy "Dal Maso" is a busy Italian delicacy shop, where you can sit down and eat lunch while you're on shopping. Service is efficient and knowledgeable. Their own specialities are products from the best producers of cheese, salame and parma ham in Northern Italy. The owner Donatella Dal Maso writes cook books and has created many of the delicacies in the inviting display of fresh produce....

Zushi Japanese Restaurant Take Away & Delivery, Verona

Verona, 26.3Km da Garda
Via 4 Novembre, 17/B
37126 Verona VR - Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria Discoteca Piper, Verona

Verona, 26.3Km da Garda
Via Torricelle, 7a
37128 Verona VR - Italy

Ristorante "Locanda Castelvecchio", Verona

Verona, 26.6Km da Garda
Corso Castelvecchio, 21/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

It was in this building, in 1831, that the first gastronomic delicatessen of Verona was opened. Though the building was damaged by fire, a canvas from ‘700 showing the Madonna and Child was saved. In it’s reconstruction, taking the exact same features of it’s previous activity, there was a type of alcove constructed where the canvas was placed and is still visible today. The atmosphere is created through the building’s various levels. Where we now have the wine cellars, larders and storerooms, was once full with 26 people preparing various cuts of meat, as well as treating and curing cold meats. With various changes of ownership over the last few years, it has also seen the opening of a C...

Scio' Rum Bar e cucina, Verona

Verona, 26.6Km da Garda
Via San Alessio, 46
37129 Verona VR - Italy

iSushi bar & cocktails, Verona

Verona, 26.6Km da Garda
Via Carmelitani Scalzi, 12
37122 Verona VR - Italy

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