Guida Ristoranti Roverè Veronese

Guida Ristoranti Roverè Veronese

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Ristorante Jegher, Roverè Veronese

Località Baito Jegher
37028 Roverè Veronese VR - Italy

Pizzeria Araldo - L'Arte del Gusto, Bosco Chiesanuova

Bosco Chiesanuova, 2.5Km da Roverè Veronese
contrada Carcereri 22
37021 Bosco Chiesanuova VR - Italy

Ristorante Ca' del Diaolo, Badia Calavena

Badia Calavena, 6.5Km da Roverè Veronese
Via Ca' del Diavolo, 4/B
37030 Badia Calavena VR - Italy

For over two centuries from generation to generation, we transmit the passion for this profession. In a harmonious environment where courtesy and hospitality are at home, we offer to our clintela impeccable service as always find the will to get back to us. Two spacious halls for weddings and any other type of ceremony, which we treat with great skill and experience to make the most beautiful days of your life. The accuracy of our kitchen full of delicious flavors made with care by our chef, accompanied by excellent local wines, is run directly by the owners....

Locanda Maregge, Bosco Chiesanuova

Bosco Chiesanuova, 7.0Km da Roverè Veronese
Contrada Maregge
37021 Bosco Chiesanuova VR - Italy

Ristorante Casale Spighetta, Negrar

Negrar, 10.4Km da Roverè Veronese
Via Spighetta, 15
37024 Negrar VR - Italy

Agriturismo "La Cengia", San Giovanni Ilarione

San Giovanni Ilarione, 11.9Km da Roverè Veronese
Cengie 9
37035 San Giovanni Ilarione VR - Italy

Our speciality is grilled meat, especially spare ribs. Besides the Italian dishes we offer typical southtirol dishes. Moreover we welcome every genre of party (birthdays, weddings etc…). For the summer time we have lots of openspaces....

Ristorante Pizzeria "Tenuta Castellani", Tregnago

Tregnago, 12.2Km da Roverè Veronese
via Pagnaghe, 22
37039 Tregnago VR - Italy

Ristorante "Antica Osteria della Valpolicella", Marano di Valpolicella

Marano di Valpolicella, 12.5Km da Roverè Veronese
Via Monti Lessini, 35
37020 Marano di Valpolicella VR - Italy

Trattoria La Pesa, Poiano di Valpantena

Poiano di Valpantena, 13.8Km da Roverè Veronese
Via Poiano, 131
37030 Poiano di Valpantena VR - Italy

Ristorante Locanda800, Negrar

Negrar, 13.8Km da Roverè Veronese
Via Moron, 46
37024 Negrar VR - Italy

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