Guida Ristoranti Verona

Guida Ristoranti Verona

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Brunello Lounge & Restaurant, Verona

Piazza S. Anastasia, 4
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Brunello Lounge & Restaurant, a place of innovation and style, an intense experience of taste - a place to tantalise all your senses. The restaurant boasts an outstanding arcaded scenario; here, an innovative presentation of the best local food traditions is matched to a comfortable and relaxed ambience. Our great Chef Augusto Paier uses his passion and creativity to reinvent the intense flavours of both national and regional recipes, which have been lightened and adapted for today’s’ palates. As Due Torri’s General Manager Eugenio Rigo says: "Brunello Lounge & Restaurant represents a new catering concept based on elegance, exceptional quality, and above all the versatility of all areas a...

Retrogusto Restaurant Cafe & shop, Verona

Via Berni Francesco, 3
37122 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria Vecia Veroneta, Verona

Via Interrato dell'acqua morta, 30
37129 Verona VR - Italy

Ristorante Gastronomia "Dal Maso", Verona

Via 4 Novembre, 13
37126 Verona VR - Italy

Restaurant gastronomy "Dal Maso" is a busy Italian delicacy shop, where you can sit down and eat lunch while you're on shopping. Service is efficient and knowledgeable. Their own specialities are products from the best producers of cheese, salame and parma ham in Northern Italy. The owner Donatella Dal Maso writes cook books and has created many of the delicacies in the inviting display of fresh produce....

Trattoria Vecio Mulin, Verona

Via Sottoriva, 42
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Ristorante Santa Felicita, Verona

via Santa Felicita 8
37121 Verona VR - Italy

In the heart of the historical centre of Verona, between Ponte Pietra and Piazza delle Erbe, inside a deconsecrated church of the Romanesque period dedicated to Saints Perpetua and Felicita lies the Restaurant "Santa Felicita" which offers fine dining suited to meet the expectations of the most demanding palates. The atmosphere is charming. The frescos, which once covered all the church, date back to the 1300s, however, towards the end of the 19th century they were removed in order to be preserved. Some of them were placed in the warehouses of the Castelvecchio Museum and the rest in the museum G. B. Cavalcaselle at the Juliet's Tomb. Currently in the room can be admired a magnificent wooden ...

Ristorante Calanova, Verona

Via 20 Settembre, 13
37129 Verona VR - Italy

The restaurant lies in the still courtyard of a sixteenth century place in Verona, where once were the stables. After the restauration, the rooms have still the aire of simple elegance of the palazzo. We named our restaurant after a beautiful little bay on the island of Elba, near Capoliveri, where our other restaurant is situated. The Restaurant Calanova has three dining rooms at its disposal, which are decorated with care, elegance and attention to detail. It is an ideal place for work lunches, romantic dinners or simply for tasting some very fresh seafood and saltwater fish dishes....

Cappa Cafè Pub e Ristorante, Verona

Piazzetta Brà Molinari, 1
37123 Verona VR - Italy

Osteria Alcova del Frate, Verona

Via Ponte Pietra ,19/A
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Ristorante Antica Torretta, Verona

Piazza Broilo, 1
37121 Verona VR - Italy

From the Cathedral to the "Ponte Pietra", You'll pass through the square Brolio, one of the squares "minor" in the city, but not less in beautiness. Here is Palazzo Cerù, a beautiful building of the mid-sixteenth century, who in the '60s saw the birth of the " Restaurant Antica Torretta". The Locale was so named as the tower located at the bottom to the oldest bridge in Verona: Ponte Pietra.. The atmosphere can be felt in the three dining rooms both internal (in which the principal has set a splendid kitchen, another historical feature of the room) and in external dehors that directly faces the Broilo square is even more suggestive of refined foods that the chef Olimpio Brunelli choosing s...

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