Guida Ristoranti Zevio

Guida Ristoranti Zevio

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Ristorante il Girasole, Santa Maria di Zevio

Santa Maria di Zevio, 2.5Km da Zevio
Via Dottori, 8
37050 Santa Maria di Zevio VR - Italy

Ristorante "Antica Trattoria Il Busolo", Lavagno

Lavagno, 3.6Km da Zevio
via Busolo 1
37030 Lavagno VR - Italy

Ristorante "Trattoria La Cambusa", Vago

Vago, 4.8Km da Zevio
Via Provinciale 18
37050 Vago VR - Italy

Reopens in the center of the Vago di Lavagno The Restaurant: "Trattoria La Cambusa" standing tradition with the new management, offers a selection of menus of the best Sicilian food culture. Atmosphere typical of the warm and hospitable land of Sicily, with a cuisine that unites freshness, authenticity, richness and simplicity of the proposal to pleasantly surprise his guests. A rich and diverse combination of land and sea, rich in traditions, but with its own specific characteristics and uniqueness. The atmosphere is warm and cozy setting and a pleasant stallage for summer dinners. The Restaurant, also has a wide selection of the best Sicilian wines to accompany each dish. Cosy cellar for s...

Ristorante Pizzeria "Pace Paquara", San Giovanni Lupatoto

San Giovanni Lupatoto, 6.9Km da Zevio
Via Pace Paquara, 24
37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto VR - Italy

Trattoria Pizzeria "El Capel", San Giovanni Lupatoto

San Giovanni Lupatoto, 7.0Km da Zevio
Via Treviso, 20
37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto VR - Italy

Ristorante Pizzeria "I Sentieri del Gusto", Zevio

via Manzoni 60
37059 Zevio VR - Italy

Ristorante "Come na olta", Lavagno

Lavagno, 7.5Km da Zevio
Via Della torre 5
37030 Lavagno VR - Italy

The Restaurant Come Na Olta is located in the charming and delightful view of the hills of Soave. The restaurant is run personally by Mrs. Julia, ably supported by his daughter Serena. The friendly atmosphere will make you enjoy the best dishes of the Venetian tradition. At the end of your lunch you will delight your palate with delicious sweets of their own production. All will be accompanied by a wide range of Italian wines, especially local....

Ristorante pizzeria la Panoramica, Colognola ai Colli

Colognola ai Colli, 7.7Km da Zevio
Località Casteggioni
37030 Colognola ai Colli VR - Italy

Ristorante "L'Antica Trattoria" pesce di mare, San Giovanni Lupatoto

San Giovanni Lupatoto, 7.7Km da Zevio
Via Garofoli, 102
37057 San Giovanni Lupatoto VR - Italy

Ristorante "Trattoria l'Arciere", Verona

Verona, 10.2Km da Zevio
Via Monti Lessini 165
37132 Verona VR - Italy

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