Trattorie Verona

Trattorie Verona

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Trattoria i Masenini, Verona

Via Roma, 34
37121 Verona VR - Italy

A “trattoria” in the heart of the city of Verona at a brief distance from the Arena inaugurated in August 2006. In few months became a point of reference in the city: good food, fantastic feelings and perfect ambience. Elia Rizzo, being raised in a historical “osteria” of Verona ran by his parents, loved the idea of living again this experience with “I Masenini”, a memory of the past, of Verona’s cuisine and Italian cuisine. From the dining hall you can view what happens in the kitchen: seeing the flaming spit turning and the busy cooks is a fascinating sight. Just local wines can be found in the wine list except for the Spumante and Champagne. Erica, Stefano and the staff make the a...

Trattoria Carolina "Antichi sapori", Verona

Via Pellicciai, 20
37121 Verona VR - Italy

The trattoria "Carolina Antichi Sapori", a short walk from Piazza delle Erbe is a place where you can taste the flavors, tastes and recipes of the tradition through the exchange of "perfume" of Veronese cuisine from boiled with pearà roasts with tasty sauces and fresh, light summer dishes. In this restaurant you can taste those slow flavors , typical of winter Sundays dinners of Verona people's, revisiting all the recipes of her grandmother, who now are losing combining ancient culinary traditions to today's needs rediscovering the "Verona old time kitchen "... Now there's also the sandwich with the sauce and boiled pearà ... you can stuff it, either with sausage, tongue, head or beef and ...

Antica Trattoria, Verona

Via di San Antonio, 19/B
37122 Verona VR - Italy

the Antica Trattoria known since 1970 to a room of about 150 square meters. offers guests a nice atmosphere and a refined cuisine based on Verona and Roman specialties, all accompanied by a wine list with about twenty-Verona only labels ranging from white wines such as Lugana, Soave and Custoza reds such as Bardolino and Valpolicella - and an excellent selection of jazz music. Courtesy and professionalism have always been our strengths....

Ristorante Bar G&G Drink&food, Verona

Via Fama 6/B
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Trattoria "Pescheria i Masenini", Verona

Piazzetta Pescheria, 9
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Piazzetta Pescheria,outside the major tourists tours, is one of the most suggestive places in Verona. In ancient times, as we can understand from the name “Pescheria” (fish place), in this little square “Piazzetta” used to take place the fish market. Today it has become one of the most quite placet of the city on the river Adige bounds. In September 2009, the “Pescheria I Masenini” is opening its doors, offering a single and traditional menù based on fish dishes. The ambiente looks welcoming in a blend of classic and modern styles: the wooden boiserie, the warm colours of the walls, the view on the kitchen. That is a new bet for the two michelin stars chef Elia Rizzo who bilives to be a...

Trattoria "Al solito posto", Verona

Via Santa Maria in Chiavica, 5
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Trattoria alla Pergola, Verona

Piazzetta Santa Maria in Solaro, 10
37121 Verona VR - Italy

In a warm inviting atmosphere we offer the best of traditional dishes of Verona and Mantua cooked in inimitable style. Restaurant "Alla Pergola" is ideal for convivial dinners and business lunches. It owes its successful reputation to its elegance and its service efficiency....

Trattoria Vecio Mulin, Verona

Via Sottoriva, 42
37121 Verona VR - Italy

Antica Trattoria Pero d'Oro, Verona

Via Ponte Pignolo, 25
37129 Verona VR - Italy

Trattoria Osteria Perbacco, Verona

Via Carducci Giosuè, 48/A
37129 Verona VR - Italy

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