Trattoria Carolina "Antichi sapori" Verona (VR)


Trattoria Carolina "Antichi sapori"

Via Pellicciai, 20
37121 Verona (VR) - Italy

Special Summer Menu

Piatto Descrizione Prezzo
STARTERS Nervs with beans and onion Fried gnocco with Montagnana's ham (or typical cold cuts) Chopping board of typical cold cuts (for 2 persons) Polenta, mushroom and Monte Veronese (typical cheese) Frayed horse with rocket and Monte Veronese (typical cheese) MAIN DISHES Tortellini of Valeggio with butter and sage Bigoli with duck ragout or “pastissada” of horse Mezze penne with courgette and shrimps Gnocchi butter and sage Lasagnette with mushroom and Monte Veronese (typical cheese) Maccheroncini handmade with red chicory and speck Tagliolini with shrimps and tomatoes Rice with Amarone (typical italian wine – no less 2 person, waiting time 20 minutes) All our pasta can be served with ragout or tomatoes SECOND DISHES Boiled meats with pearà souce ( beef, sausage, tongue and calf's head ) Roast meat with potatoes ( calf, pork, Praga's ham ) Octopus carpaccio with rocket and tomatoes Roastbeef Veal with tuna sauce Salted meat with rocket and Monte Veronese ( typical cheese ) Montagnana's ham with melon ( seasonal ) Venetian's calf liver with polenta “Pastissada” of horse (horse stew) with polenta Vicenza's cod with polenta Rump steak without bone with potatoes Sliced beef with rocket and tomatoes Stew row horse meats SALADS Carolina' salad ( green salad, red chicory, tomato and mozzarella ) Sea'salad ( green salad, red chicory, tomato, tuna and shrimp ) CHEESE Cheese' selection with mustard ( Monte Veronese and Asiago ) SIDE DISH Seasonal vegetables ( cooked or not ) DESSERTS Chocolate salami Cooked sour cream ( with caramle, wildberries or chocolate ) Cheese cake Fruit salad with ice cream Carolina's Ice cream Cake of the day Coverage and service